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5 classic spring pieces every minimalist needs in their closet

5 classic spring pieces every minimalist needs in their closet

minimalist clothing is what I most need for my closet. I only buy keystones since I really only live for essential pieces, which results in having very few items hanging in my closet. I always try to mix and match and play with thoughtfully selected pieces.

buying essential pieces turns out to be not only economical but also a terrific investment because they can be worn continuously. therefore, the products I'm bringing today are popular trends that will never go out of style. I promise you that in five years, we'll still be talking about them! in the worst case, they'll be cyclical and continually return.

1. ballerinas

in case you didn't know, from maison margiela to miu miu or chanel, ballerinas are here to stay. the best thing about this trend is how comfortable they are while yet guaranteeing beautiful feet. besides that, they go well with CINCO anklets so I'm all for it!

2. jeans

I really don't care about the fit, in all honesty. you only need to select the style that feels correct to you and that makes you feel good because every brand has a variety of styles available. high or low waist thus doesn't really matter. what matters most is that cool jeans are a must for this season.


3. denim shirt

too late last season? I'm not sure... but I do know that I adore this particular uniform trend. To be on the safe side, mix some Levi's kit with some gold jewellery and a tiny bag... and you're ready to go.


4. tank top

loewe set the trend, but suddenly other companies start to follow the lead. We can even customize them thanks to fast fashion. Personally, I love the simple basic without branding or logos. The best two choices, in my opinion, are loewe (seemingly out of reach) or a timeless, classic tank top that doesn't have any logos but yet ends up being perfect.


5. blazer

the final piece is the perfect designer blazer, which I have spent a lot of time searching for but still haven't found. both toteme and frankie store look like wise options. if someone discovers the perfect one, please let me know!


to ultimate perfection... simply combine these pieces with some CINCO products. for those who know me, I don't live without my 15 gold ear piercings, elin bracelet, and hannah necklace. whether I'm wearing pyjamas or a party dress, I never take them off and even go to sleep wearing them. those are the minimal and elegant, understated CINCO items of my dreams!

li furtado
is the founder and creative director of CINCO. born in '82 in alentejo, portugal she graduated in geography from the university of coimbra. after working for 10 years as a consultant, she quit her job to follow her dream and love for fashion. with a creative and restless mind, she is driven by new ideas and her focus is to always have time to enjoy life with her family.

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